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Eyeglasses FAQ

Read some common questions about our eyeglasses.

  • Will wearing glasses make my eyes weaker?

    Eyeglasses MelbourneThis is a common misconception, unfortunately. Wearing glasses improves your vision in the moment but has no long-term effects on your quality of eyesight when you are not wearing glasses. Although it is true that your prescription may change over time, that is a natural part of life that has nothing to do with whether you wear glasses. Proper nutrition is the best way to keep your eyes strong.

  • How often should you update your prescription glasses?

    Most optometrists believe that you should schedule an examination to check on your current prescription every one to two years. If your prescription has changed since your last pair of glasses, it is necessary to get new lenses so that you continue seeing correctly.

  • What is the danger of wearing glasses with the wrong prescription?

    Although wearing glasses with an incorrect prescription should not cause lasting damage to your eyes, it can cause problems for you in the meantime. You may experience migraines, dizziness, and blurry vision. It can also pose safety issues if you cannot see well enough to drive. As soon as you recognize that your glasses no longer optimize your vision, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with an optometrist.

  • How much do eyeglasses cost?

    Eyeglasses SuntreeThe total price for your eyeglasses depends on your vision insurance policy and the type of frames you are interested in. At our office in Melbourne, FL, we offer a variety of luxury and more affordable brands so that you can pick frames that best suit your style and your preferred price range.

  • Do I still need to wear glasses after having LASIK?

    The purpose of LASIK is to help you to overcome refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism without needing to rely so heavily on prescription lenses. Depending on how precisely the cornea is reshaped, you may still need to wear glasses in certain situations. Moreover, as you get older and presbyopia becomes a concern, you may discover that you need to wear reading glasses to see objects and text that are close to your face. Unfortunately, LASIK is not a good solution for presbyopia.

  • Is it okay to only wear glasses part time?

    Yes, people with lighter prescriptions often choose to wear their glasses when they need them most, like when they are driving or reading. There is no evidence that your eyes are harmed by only wearing your glasses sometimes. When you have new glasses, our eye doctors do suggest that you wear them frequently to get used to having them on. Obviously, if you need glasses to see during most activities, it is advisable to wear them all day long.

  • Are eyeglasses better than contact lenses?

    Both eyeglasses and contact lenses are effective ways to correct your vision. Ultimately, it comes down to your lifestyle and preferences as to which is the right choice for you. Eyeglasses require less maintenance and tend to be less expensive overall, while contacts are much more discreet and usually offer a wider field of vision. Our eye experts would be happy to discuss your options if you are undecided.

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