Intraocular Lens Options (IOLs) in Melbourne, FL

Intraocular lens in Melbourne, FLDuring cataract surgery, your eye’s natural, cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). The IOL refracts, or bends, light that enters your eye to allow you to see clearly. You cannot see or feel your IOL, and it is designed to last the rest of your life.

There are many different types of IOLs, and the technology behind these lenses continues to advance. Depending on the option you select, your IOL may reduce or eliminate your need for corrective eyewear. The team at TRES VISION Group will help you choose the most suitable IOL for your visual needs and goals.


Tecnis offers some of the highest quality IOLs on the market. The Tecnis monofocal IOL restores clear vision at a single pre-determined distance. Most patients with the Tecnis monofocal IOL have it set for distance vision and wear glasses for tasks that require good near vision, such as reading or sewing.

Tecnis also makes a multifocal IOL, which restores crisp near and distance vision at the same time, in any lighting condition. The multifocal IOL has different focusing powers in different zones of the lens. Many people with Tecnis multifocal IOLs find they have little to no need for glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery.


AcrySof’s ReSTOR is another multifocal IOL that provides crisp, clear vision at multiple distances. The lenses are designed to allocate light between multiple focal points depending on the available amount of natural light.

For instance, when driving at night, more light is directed to distant focus and less light to near focus to allow you to see the road clearly. Alternatively, when reading in broad daylight, more light is directed to near focus and less light to distant focus to allow you to view small print clearly.

ReSTOR IOLs are also designed to reduce the occurrence of visual disturbances like glare or halos around lights at night.

PanOptix IOL

The PanOptix IOL is the first and only trifocal IOL, as it provides clear vision at a full range of distances without any drop-off in quality. The PanOptix lens splits light into three focal points, offering the high-definition distance, intermediate and near vision needed for virtually all day-to-day tasks: reading, driving, computer work, sports and hobbies. You do not have to settle for clear vision at one or two distances; you can recapture clear vision at any distance that is similar to what you enjoyed when you were younger.

In addition to providing extraordinary vision at multiple distances, the PanOptix lens also reduces the occurrence of visual disturbances that are common with other lenses, like poor contrast sensitivity, glare and halos around lights.

Although it was only approved by the FDA in 2019, PanOptix is incredibly popular, with a high patient satisfaction rating. If living an active, independent life is important to you, it is worth considering the PanOptix IOL.

Find the IOL That’s Right for You

The quality of your vision after cataract surgery depends on the IOL you choose. You don’t have to make this important decision alone — the doctors at TRES VISION Group will go over all of your IOL options and explain the pros and cons of each. Once we have learned more about your visual goals and understand your unique eyes, we can suggest the IOL or IOLs that are suited to your circumstances.

To learn more about IOLs and cataract surgery, please contact TRES VISION Group and request a consultation with us today.