When the Light of your mind’s eye begins to dim — New hope with Cataract Surgery and Dementia at TRES VISION Group

Cataract surgery is one of the most successful medical procedures of all time. It completely transforms the way you interact with the world on a daily basis. With better vision you not only appreciate the things you have seen to a greater degree, but it also introduces you to things you may have never seen before. We can call this the unseen and unappreciated. Things that have remained hidden from your senses are now readily apparent. The transcendent has becomes perceptible. You would think this would be enough but this modern medical miracle continues to surprise, there is more.

“It not only improves the enjoyment and richness of life, but it can keep you safer and possibly help prevent or delay onset of Alzheimer’s Dementia,” said Dr. Rafael Trespalacios of TRES VISION Group in Melbourne, Merritt Island and Suntree.

Exposure to the sun—and the passing years—causes cataracts, which blur vision and makes even routine tasks more difficult. Failing eyesight not only significantly affects quality of life and mental health, but it also threatens independence. It need not be so, thanks to cataract surgery that replaces the clouded natural lens with a bright, clear artificial lens through a brief and painless outpatient procedure.

While the new lens cannot be felt or seen, the patient surely knows it is there, because objects become crisp, clear and brighter to the eye. It can truly be life-changing in many ways.

The procedure provides a huge boost to quality of life. Cataracts can exacerbate eye inflammation and glaucoma and makes treatment for issues as diabetes-induced damaged retinas more difficult. Cataract surgery can minimize such complications.

It can also help to prevent falls and car accidents. Studies note that cataract surgery results in fewer falls that can lead to broken hips. Driving safety improves significantly, too.

In addition to this, most recently cataract extraction was found to be significantly associated with a lower risk of developing dementia. This was found in a  breaking new study published this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association that prospectively followed over 3000 patients that were dementia free at the time of the enrollment. Patients with early cataract extraction after controlling for other risks had a significantly reduced risk of dementia compared to those who waited.  This is new information is in follow up to a 2020 study by the Gerontological Society of America. This research followed more than 15,000 older adults for six years, and notes that poorer visual acuity was associated with higher rates of dementia, concluding that moderate-to-severe visual impairment could be a risk factor for this deadly mental illness.

Considering that cataract surgery is extremely safe, painless and quick, there is no reason to postpone a procedure that promises so many benefits.

TRES VISION Group offers CataLaze cataract surgery with customized refractive options to make you more glasses independent. CataLaze is used in conjunction technology such as the Verion Reference Unit, ORA which provides optimum lens implant accuracy, and the Centurion® Vision System to optimize stability during a procedure.

For patients’ convenience, TRES VISION Group operates practices throughout Brevard in Melbourne, Suntree and Merritt Island.

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