Symptoms of Macular Degeneration to Look Out For

The single greatest cause of vision loss in people over the age of 50 is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Although this condition cannot be cured, it can certainly be managed to help you maintain more of your vision. Early treatment is important to slow its progression.

Of course, early treatment is predicated on early detection. It is a good idea to know the signs of AMD so that you can catch it early. To help you in this regard, the eye doctors at TRES VISION Group have provided a list of symptoms to be cognizant of:

AMD Symptoms

Blurry Vision

Usually, the first symptom is hazy central vision, which can happen when you look at objects both near and far away. As AMD progresses, it is common for a larger and larger segment of your central vision to get blurrier. However, because peripheral vision is not affected by AMD, it is unlikely that you will go completely blind.

Loss of Night Vision

AMD can cause you to need brighter lights to see properly. You may lose your ability to see well in low lighting, and it can take a while for your eyes to adjust in situations where light brightness changes.

Loss of Depth Perception

AMD can cause you to lose your ability to judge distance accurately, which makes maneuvering around more difficult.

Difficulty Discerning Contrast

AMD can cause you to have trouble noticing slight differences in colors or textures. Additionally, straight lines may appear wavy.

What To Do If You Notice These Symptoms

If you’ve noticed one or more of these symptoms, visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye examination. There are multiple tests available to check for AMD like a visual field test or an optical coherence tomography (OCT). If you are ultimately diagnosed with AMD, your optometrist may recommend nutritional supplements or photodynamic therapy to slow the progression of the disease and preserve your eyesight.

Beware of Wet AMD

There are two types of AMD: dry and wet. Dry AMD affects roughly 90% of all people with macular degeneration and progresses much more slowly. Wet AMD is much more serious and advances at a rapid pace. If you notice your symptoms getting worse within a matter of days or weeks, then you must not delay going to an eye doctor — the need for treatment is urgent.

Schedule an Eye Examination

The truth is that the initial symptoms of AMD may be so subtle that you do not recognize them. Regular comprehensive eye examinations are the best way to find signs of macular degeneration that you may not notice on your own. To make an appointment with one of the top eye doctors in Melbourne, Florida, please email or call (321) 984-3200.